July 13th, 2008

Food and Wine

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So, call me morbidly curious. Or maybe just plain ol' curious.

Here's my (growing) list of restaurants and cafes I've eaten at this year.
Some of these I've eaten at more than once.. but let's not think about that shall we. Pretty sure I will miss out some too
Not inclusive of Fast food restaurants.

1. Kintochi (Chadstone)
2. Oriental Tea House (Chadstone)
3. Vroom Cafe (Brisbane)
4. Samurai Cafe (Glenferrie)
5. La Via (Glenferrie)
6. Sofia (Camberwell)
7. Ibuki (East Bentleigh)
8. Chilli Mama (Chadstone)
9. Pancake Parlour (Chadstone)
10. J-cafe (City)
11. Tenrenren (City)
12. Singapore Chomchom (City)
13. Vegies Bar (Brunswick St)
14. Straits Cafe (Knox)
15. Penang Coffee House (Burwood Rd)
16. Destiny Cafe (Richmond)
17. Pie in the Sky (Dandenongs)
18. Beijing Royal Dumpling House ( Closed down )
19. Dragon Boat (City)
20. Dumpling King (Box Hill)
21. Korean BBQ House (Carnagie)
22. Bismi (Sydney Road)
23. Yoyogi (City)
24. Gigi (City)
25. Nudle (Chadstone)
26. Vietnamese Noodle House (Springvale)
27. Wagamama (Chadstone)
28. Hook (Chapel St)
29. Bob's Kitchen (Glen Waverley)
30. Rochford Winery (Yarra Valley)
31. Salsa's (Chadstone)
32. 1228 Tea House (Box Hill)
33. Hogsbreath Cafe (Chadstone)
34. Laurent (Chadstone)
35. Piccolo Mondo (Lygon)
36. Harry's on the Esplanade (Phillip Island)
37. United States Hotel (Sovereign Hill)
38. Wasabi (South Melbourne)
39. Miss Marples (Dandenongs)
40. Burmese House (Bridge Rd)
41. Old Town Cafe (Swanston and China town)